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How can I lease a space at Uhome?

You may lease one bed in a shared room. Rates are excluded of electricity bill.

You may also opt to lease the entire room, provided that you will pay for the rent of all beds within the room. Kindly note that rooms are either all-female or all-male.

What is the minimum lease term?

Standard contract is 12 months.

We give minimum of 6 months lease term for reviewee (limited slots only)

What is the process to secure a bed space?

To reserve a bed, please submit the following:

  • Prepare and submit all requirements at Uhome Admin Office.
  • Fill up Uhome Application Form
  • Parents to sign the contract of lease if tenant is minor. ( If parents are unavailable to reserve, Parents should issue authorization letter to a guardian or representative to sign the contract of lease and other documents needed. )
  • Access card and cabinet key will be issue on your move in date.
Where are your locations?
  • UHOME LACSON near UST, FEU, FEU Institute of Technology, UE, and other universities and review centers. Piy Margal cor. Dos Castillas Sts., Sampaloc, Manila
  • UHOME RECTO near UE, SSC-R, FEU, FEU Institute of Technology, San Beda, CEU, NTC, PSBA, La Consolacion College, College of the Holy Spirit Manila and other universities and review centers.
    777-779 San Sebastian St., Quiapo, Manila


Is there a WiFi?

Free wifi is available at the student lounge, and lobby for residents use only. You may bring your own pocket wi-fi device.

Do we need to pay for water consumption?
Water usage in comfort room and bath room are free of charge. However, we encourage our residents to conserve water and report water leaks immediately
Does UHome have a lap pool and fitness gym?
Yes, we have pool and gym, usage of pool and fitness gym is free of charge. These amenities are exclusive for residents use only.
Does UHome have a visiting area?
Yes, we have student lounge where you can accommodate your visitors and family members. You can also bring food here and clean as you go.
What’s inside the room?

Every room at uhome is fully furnished with built in beds with mattresses, study tables and chairs, personal closet with lock, mini pantry area with space for microwave and fridge. It also has own private comfort room and bath room inside the room. All rooms at uhome are also equipped with television, and air-conditioning units.

What is the bed size?
All beds are single –sized ( 36”x 75”). Mattresses are already provided. Residents should bring their own bed linens and pillows.


How do I pay my rent?

Monthly rent are settled through postdated checks that should be given upon reservation. In case postdated checks are not available, you are required to pay the whole amount of contract in cash.

How do I pay my electric bill?

Each room has their own MERALCO meter. Electricity bill per room are equally divided and billed separately to each resident. Resident should pay through GCASH, METROBANK online payment or METROBANK over the Counter.

To verify payment, Proof of payment or deposit slip should be sent through viber.

Kindly note that late payment may result to blocking of your access card and termination of lease contract.

Can I Pre Terminate my Contract?

You may pre terminate your lease but you will be charge of pre-termination fee equivalent to Three (3) month’s rent (cash) plus your two ( 2) months security deposit will be forfeited.


Are there house rules?

Yes, there are reasonable house rules which aim to keep University Home a safe and secured environment for all residents. Residents are given a complete and detailed set of house rules upon reservation

What can I bring when I moving in?

Residents should bring their own bed sheet, pillows, and blanket. Each room has space provision for one (1) microwave oven and fridge that residents may opt to bring on their own.

Can I cook inside the room?

For your safety, please be advised that cooking is not allowed. Rice cooker, electric stove and other cooking appliances are strictly prohibited. You may enjoy eating in neighborhood restaurants and malls near Uhome.

Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew. residents can access their room 24/7. However, guest are only allowed to stay at the student lounge from 8am to 8pm.

Sales FAQ

How is the leasing program done?

A professional property management company shall handle the leasing program such as sourcing of unit tenants , signing lease contract with tenants, billing & collection of rental, utilities & other charges.

Remittance of monthly rental income to unit owners will be every 20th day of the following month, net of association dues and management fees.

Is there a move-in & turnover fee upon handover? How much?
Yes. For closing fees/ transfer fees, doc stamps, registration fees, notarial fees, processing fees, real property tax. For Turnover fees- Utility deposit ( Meralco, water, telephone, cable etc.) Total amount for payment is more or less 6% of Total Contract Price (TCP).
Can the unit owners use/enjoy the amenities even if their units are still in the lock-in period for 2 years?

Unit buyers are not allowed to use the amenities, if their units are being leased out to other tenants while they earn monthly income. However, unit owner may opt to rent 1 bed space under his own unit so that he/she can enjoy free use of all amenities alongside with other tenants.
Each registered tenant will receive an RFID card from admission office for their access to the whole building.

When is the Turnover date?

Turnover of unit shall be second half of 2020.

In case of fortuitous events, is the rental income guaranteed?

No. Rule on acts of God or fortuitous events apply.

When shall unit owner start receiving their rental income?

One month after turn over date.

How much is the monthly expenses charge to unit owner?

Estimate of ₱ 80/sqm for association dues
and ₱ 70/sqm. for management fees.
Total of ₱ 150/sqm. (₱ 3,292/month ).

How does self-liquidating work after buyer has completed the 20% Down Payment?

Unit owners can use the monthly rental income to pay for their monthly amortization in bank.

When do property management start looking for unit tenants? How can buyer be sure that their units will be rented out?

We start looking for tenants once the unit is turned over to Buyer. However, because of the proximity of UHome to Universities and with more or less 155,000 student population within the area, we are confident that we will be able to lease out the units immediately.
Our location is strategically situated right across UST medicine building, which has a population of 44,000 students.

How often do we expect escalation in rental rates?

Market dictates, but we normally increase 5-10% every 2 years.

Is there other projects near UHome? Will there be oversupply?

Yes, there are other project developments in the area, but few or no Condormitel concept such as UHome. Due to huge student population and scarcity of available lots , we do not see any oversupply in the area.

Estimate Closing Fees / Turnover fees per unit for review: Closing fees: (payable upon bank financing)

Turnover fees ( payable upon turnover)
Grand Total for closing & turnover fees P 159,416.37 ( 5.3%) estimate only.


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